Grand Prix of Western Pomerania 2017



Grand Prix of Western Pomerania under the auspices of province marshal: Olgierd Geblewicz

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The main prize: all set optimist from Opti Yachts; a sail from North Sails; mast, boom and gaff from Optimax, rudder and centerboard from CZygar Zakład Szkutniczy


GRAND PRIX of Western Pomerania is team-club competition which can be won by a club takes part in all 3 GP WP regattas and scoring the most points. Additionaly – a club wins first and/or second regatta of the GP WP set will receive:

  • first regatta GP PW: rudder and centerboard from CZygar;

  • second regatta GP PW: sail from North Sails comes together with Optimax mast, boom and gaff;

  • the main prize in Grand Prix of Western Pomerania in general classification after all regattas will be an optimist from Opti Yachts.

The aim of GP WP is to compete with sport spirit, sailing promotion, clubs and peoples integration and to be active in your free time.


Organiser of GP WP is Klub Sportowy DOBRA MARINA.

Address: Małej Syrenki street 2, 71-790 Szczecin

Race Office: Marina Hotele, Przestrzenna Street 7, 70-800 Szczecin


  1. GRAND PRIX of Western Pomerania is set of 3 regattas for Optimists where the last one will be a final Grand Prix regatta (VI Dobre Regaty).

  2. There will be maximum of 6 races in every regatta. Additionaly during VI Dobre Regaty, final GP WP oldboy race will take place.

  3. All part takers sails on it’s own equipment. If needed organiser can help to charter an equipment to sail.


Regatta venue will be Dąbie lake – big one if possible. All the equipment will be kept in MARINA’CLUB, Przestrzenna street 11, 70-800 Szczecin.

22.04. – 23.04.2017 r. Nieoficjalne Regaty Otwarcia Sezonu – first GRAND PRIX of Western Pomerania regatta – MARINA’CLUB Cup

10.06. – 11.06.2017 r. Czwarte Szczecińskie Ogólnopolskie Regaty – second GP WP regatta – PARTNER-SHIP Cup

7.10. – 8.10.2017 r. VI Dobre Regaty – final regatta GP WP – ECOPOL Cup


  1. Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See Rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta

  2. Only club members can take part in regattas also covered by appropriate third party libility insurance to at least the minimum amount of 1.500.000 Euro.

  3. All the group A part takers have to hold a valid hull measurement certificate.

  4. In Oldboy race can start every person who on the day of race will be 30 years old and older.


  1. To take part in rivalry for the club-team prizes it is necessary to send Grand Prix registration form (to be download from the attachment on the bottom) by e-mail on the address: at the latest of 14 days prior to the first GP WP regatta, which is 8th April 2017. This registration will be valid for the first regatta too. Though please be aware you have to send every single time a registration form prior to second and third Grand Prix of Western Pomerania regatta to gain a lower entry fee.

    On the top of this all participants have to register with all of documents and entry fee collection in the day and time of official regatta registration before the regatta – it will be Friday evening and Saturday morning.

  2. Entry fee if registered by e-mail 14 days before regatta will be 13 Euro per person for each regatta. Otherwise Entry fee is 18 Euro per person/regatta

  3. Just only clubs who take part in the previous regattas from GP WP set can win a main prize on each regatta.

  4. Oldboy race is free of charge however, every participant will be allowed to donate Klub Sportowy Dobra Marina. This can be done during registration time for VI Dobre Regaty.


All the regatta within Grand Prix of Western Pomerania will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, the regatta Notice of Race and sailing instruction + regulations of Polish Optimist Dinghy Association (PODA).


  1. The Low Point Scoring System of Appendix A will apply in all regattas within Grand Prix of Western Pomerania.

  2. Scoring for the main prize will be counted as formula below shows:

team-club points = 2a + 2b + c + 3d

a – points gained in the first GP WP regatta

b – points gained in the second GP WP regatta

c – points gained in the third GP WP regatta

d – points gained in Oldboy Race

  1. Team-club points in each regatta (symbols a, b, c) will be given for the first three participants from one club with the most points achieved, according to a pattern:

    (n + 1) – x.

    Though club-team points will be counted as pattern follows:

a = [(n + 1) – x1] + [(n + 1) – x2] + [(n + 1) – x3]*

n – number of participants in the group, x – participant’s place in the group

*the same formula will be used for b and c

There is just only one person taking part in Oldboy race to be counted in general team-club scoring.

d = (n + 1) – x

n – number of Oldboy participants, x – participant’s place in the group

  1. A club which gains the most points and takes part in ALL 3 Grand Prix of Western Pomerania regattas (conditions has to be obeyd a>0, b>0, c>0 and d>0) wins a main prize.

  2. Team-club scoring will be actualised after every GP WP regatta and shown on the Klub Sportowy Dobra Marina website in wyniki.


  1. On Each GP WP regatta every participant will receive a diplom as well as SLAM products souvenirs. Three first will also achieve a cup.

  2. GP WP main prize IODA Optimist hull will be given on the end ceremony during VI Dobre Regaty ECOPOL Cup; centerboard and rudder from CZygar – during Nieoficjalne Regaty Otwarcia Sezonu MARINA’CLUB Cup; North Sails sail together with Optimax MK 4 mast, boom and gaff – during Czwarte Szczecińskie Ogólnopolskie Regaty PARTNER-SHIP Cup.


Sailing Instruction will be given during registration time.

Some changes may apply to instruction under organisator authorisation.logo

  1. Information and contact

KS Dobra Marina: Dawid Zbroja


tel: 603 86 56 86


Grand Prix partners:

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